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    Masai Mara, Kenya
    A herd of wildebeasts thunders across a river.
    Masai Mara, Kenya
    A lion sits, somewhat hidden, in the plains grass.
    Serengetti, Tanzania
    Three lion cubs pose in a tree.
    Serengetti, Tanzania
    A female lion on the hunt.
    Serengetti, Tanzania
    Two Grant's gazelle in the Serengetti plains.
    Masai Mara, Kenya
    Two zebra munching in the grass as a storm lurks nearby.
    Samburu, Kenya
    Three giraffe munch off of a thorn-covered tree.
    Serengetti Safari Lodge, Tanzania
    A baboon looks at the camera as some other tourists (us!) look at other attractions.
    Lake Manyara, Tanzania
    A strange looking baobob tree.
    Samburu, Kenya
    Four zebras munching on the grass.
    Lake Manyara, Tanzania
    A herd of elephants with their baby wanders by.
    Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
    Huge amounts of flamingos, as far as the eye can see.
    Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
    Two rhinos pose for tourists in the vans.
    Serengetti, Tanzania
    Sunset on the plains.
    Serengetti, Tanzania
    Sunset on the plains.
    Cairo, Egypt
    A tourist (my sister, unintentionally) on a camel due to a hawking Egyptian salesman.


    Pamplona, Spain
    Picture taken during the famous "running of the bulls" festival.
    Monaco, France
    An overview of the city skyline.
    Chateau Chambord, Loire River Valley, France
    A nice view of the castle there.
    Mykanos, Greece
    A nice, picturesque view of the beach.
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    A view from the canals of the Netherlands.
    St. Anton am Alsberg
    A view of the mountain countryside.
    Mont St. Michel
    A view of the famous monestary.


    Golan Heights
    A view from a vantage point overlooking the Sea of Galiee, in the Golan Heights.
    Near King David's Waterfall, Dead Sea, Israel
    An animal stands on the wall, overlooking the desert.
    Jerusalem, Israel
    A view of the famous Wailing Wall.
    St. George's Monastary, Israel
    A nice view of the monastary.
    Wadi Rum, Jordan
    Our family rides the camels in the picturesque desert.
    Petra, Jordan
    A view of the famous treasury monument.
    Petra, Jordan
    Two members of the legendary Desert Patrol relax.


    A belly dancer dances.
    Dolmabahce Palace, Turkey
    A nice view of the lushly decorated interior.
    Selcuk, Turkey
    A view of a stork's nest, perched on a pillar.
    Alanya, Turkey
    A nice view of the wall, on top of the city hill.
    Pamukkale, Turkey
    A Turkish girl, picking berries for face cream, poses for the camera.
    Near Derinkuyu, Turkey
    A picturesque view of the countryside, with its interesting mountains.
    Near Divrigi, central Turkey
    More picturesque mountains.
    Central Turkey
    A village in central turkey, with picturesque mountains.


    Blue Ridge Parkway
    The foothills with autumn leaves in full bloom.
    Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
    A nice view of the beach nestled in the mountain.
    Oregon Sand Dunes Rec. Area
    Beautiful sand dune scene, with yellow flowers and a stormy skyline.
    Crater Lake, Oregon
    Scenerey picture of Crater Lake National Park.
    Grand Canyon, Arizona
    An overview of the world famous canyon.


    Jaipur, India
    A very crowded street scene.
    Hong Kong
    A Chineese junk sailing in the water, in front of the city skyline.
    Pokhara Valley, Nepal
    Women attending to the rice fields.
    Taj Mahal, India
    A picture of the famous monument.


    Seward Harbor
    A quiet little fishing town.
    Mt. McKinley (Denali)
    Good view of the famous mountain.
    Glacier Bay (Margerie Glacier)
    A view of the glacier as it enters the bay.
    Klondike Highway, North of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
    Nice picturesque scenery.
    Columbia Glacier, Prince William Sound
    My mother in front of the ice in the water.
    Alaska Highway, north of Hanes junction
    Nice view of flowers and a lake.
    Glacier Bay
    A view of a cruise ship in front of the picturesque scenery.
    Robert Service National Historic Site, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
    The poetry reading in front of his home.


    City view
    A view of the city and the cliffs beyond it.
    Castle view
    The castle dominates the skyline in the middle of the city.
    In the castle grounds
    The view of the tower and the grounds below it.

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